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About us

We offer a broad range of independent third party valuation services covering business enterprises, resources projects, real properties, intangible assets, financial instruments and plant and machinery, for the purposes of financial reporting and public disclosure for The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited as well as other overseas stock exchanges.

Our qualified team of experts will give advice on information gathering and perform due diligence enabling you to receive a third party opinion on the value of your business, assets or project.

With our main office in Hong Kong, our team comprises experts in the fields of business valuation, financial instruments valuation, resources valuation, real estate valuation, etc.

Our Services

Our firm is competent in providing valuation of businesses, business segments and operating units for listed companies and private clients. In today's fast paced commercial climate, businesses need to actively participate in mergers and acquisitions to take advantage of opportunities and retain their competitive edges. Company management and investors therefore require accurate and timely information about the market value of these transactions.

Our team of qualified professionals can provide you with independent third party valuation for the purposes of project feasibility advisory, incorporation in circulars, announcements and value-in-use impairment testings, among others.

We serve clients from various industries including but not limited to information technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical, agriculture and forestry, media and advertising, electronic, entertainment and gambling, financial services, mining, etc.:

• Agriculture and Forestry
• Automobile
• Financial services
• Education
• Electronics
• Entertainment and gaming
• Fashion, apparel and textiles
• Food, beverages and tobacco
• Funeral services
• Hospitality
• Information technology
• Infrastructure
• Logistics and terminal operations
• Manufacturing
• Media and advertising
• Pharmaceutical and health care
• Retail and wholesale
• Sewage treatment
• Telecommunications
• Utilities

In addition to traditional industries, given the new listing rules reform introduced by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, we also conduct valuation of biotech companies which do not have any prior record of revenue or profit; and high growth and innovative companies with weighted voting rights. Our firm is capable of providing valuation for such companies.

Our firm is experienced and competent in performing valuation for mineral companies and companies looking to acquire mineral assets. From greenfield projects to mines in operation, our team is able to:
• Issue independent third party valuation reports;
• Provide feasibility advice and preliminary valuation on projects; and
• Organize independent technical review services for mining properties (Please refer to Peak Vision Mining Alliance Limited website:

We are competent in providing valuation reports in compliance with Chapter 18 of the Listing Rules of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited as well as for financial reporting purposes.

Our team of registered valuer and professionals can issue property valuation reports and give advice on valuation matters. Our valuation experiences cover real estates located in Hong Kong, China and abroad.
Peak Vision Appraisals provides a range of valuation services on properties including:
• Residential, commercial and office properties;
• Industrial complexes and factories;
• Land and properties under development;
• Agricultural sites; and
• Hotels, restaurants, golf courses and other entertainment venues.

In light of past accounting scandals and the growing complexity of the derivatives market, investors and stock exchanges around the world require accurate and timely information on the value of financial instruments and derivatives. Under international and Hong Kong accounting standards, a fair value assessment of financial instruments is required for financial reporting.

Our team of qualified and experienced valuers can provide independent third party valuation advice on financial instruments and derivatives such as:
• Currency and interest rate forward and swap contracts;
• Share options and warrants;
• Convertible debt and corporate notes;
• Financial and mortgage guarantees; and
• Expected credit losses

In today's business setting, intangible assets often constitute a significant portion of a firm's balance sheet. Peak Vision Appraisals offers valuation services for intangible assets including:
• Contracts;
• Trademarks, licences and copyright of materials;
• Websites and data;
• Technical knowhow; and
• Customer relationships.

We specialize in producing independent valuation of intangible assets as required for financial reporting and purchase price allocation.

Our clients include those participating in natural resources, natural gas supply, agriculture, fishery and husbandry, food and beverage and manufacturing industries. Our qualified professionals can provide plant and machinery valuation including:
• Manufacturing plants and equipment;
• Fishing vessels;
• Machinery;
• Utility plants and networks including power and water;
• Gas and water pipelines;
• Transportation including motor vehicles; and
• Mining equipment.

Our project consultancy offers professional advice, cost-effective and practical solutions in asset enhancement, building survey, facilities maintenance and project management to our clients and their ever changing requirements. Our services include :
• Structural survey, defects report and its evaluation;
• Advice on licence applications and unauthorized building works review;
• Project feasibility study and cost estimate;
• Planning applications and addition and alteration works;
• Project management to development monitoring;
• Investigation, design and upgrading of building facilities; and
• Expert witness.


Nick C. L. Kung MRICS, RICS Registered Valuer, MHKIS, RPS (G.P.), MCIREA

Bachelor of Science in Estate Management from the University of Greenwich - Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - Registered Valuer of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors - Registered Professional Surveyor (General Practice) - Registered Business Valuer of the Hong Kong Business Valuation Forum - Member of the China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers.

Mr. Kung has over 20 years of experience in valuation in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia-Pacific countries and territories. Mr. Kung has extensive experience in valuing tangible and intangible assets and is highly proficient in preparing feasibility studies and business plans.

He began his career in an international property consultancy in 1991 and later joined a local real estate investment company. At Peak Vision Appraisals Limited, Mr. Kung is Director of the Corporate Valuations department and engages in valuation assignments on businesses and projects, as well as large-scale property developments and infrastructure projects.

Raymond W. H. Wong

Bachelor of Architecture – Master of Construction Management from the University of New South Wales – Masters degree in Real Estate from the University of Hong Kong – Master of Science in Finance from the Chinese University of Hong Kong – Associate Member of the Australian Property Institute – Member of the Property Institute of New Zealand – Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management – Member of the Australian Institute of Building – Member of the Association of Building Engineers – Member of the Chartered Institute of Building.

Mr. Wong has more than 15 years’ experience of professional property services both in Hong Kong and China involving feasibility study, viability of change in use, financial analysis and valuation of real estate investments for local developers and overseas funds on the statutory applications to government and strategic advisory services. Before joining Peak Vision Appraisals Limited, Mr. Wong was a director of a private owned property investment company.

Academically, Mr. Wong obtained his Bachelor degree of Architecture and the Master of Construction Management from the University of New South Wales. Mr. Wong obtained his second Master degree in Real Estate from the University of Hong Kong and third Master degree in Finance from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Wong is a member of various professional associations including the Property Institute of New Zealand, the Australian Property Institute, the Australian Institute of Project Management, the Australian Institute of Building, the Association of Building Engineer and the Chartered Institute of Building. He is currently a Director of the Business Development Department of Peak Vision Appraisals Limited.

Lee Chern Sung CPA, CFA

Certified Public Accountant - Chartered Financial Analyst

Mr. Lee has substantial experience in valuation of financial instruments, businesses, intangible assets including mining licenses, licensing agreements, sales contracts, customer bases, patents, know-how and trademarks, as well as tangible assets including property, plant and machinery. His experience covers a wide range of industries including renewable energy, mining, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical and healthcare, media industries, etc.

Mr. Lee began his career with one of the big 4 accounting firms in 2008 and later joined Peak Vision Appraisals Limited in 2012. He has performed valuation at Peak Vision Appraisals Limited and is currently an Associate Director at Peak Vision Appraisals Limited.

Johannes Francois (Hans) Erasmus MSc, PGeo

BSc. (Geology) - Graduate Diploma Engineering (Mining) - MSc (Mining – Mineral Economics)

Hans has over 40 years’ experience in the mining industry and regularly works in association with SRK, Micromine Consulting and CSA Global on technical aspects of projects in China, Mongolia, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and PNG as well as with large project valuation companies, including Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

He was appointed as the group chief engineer in Arcus Mining Holdings Ltd. from June 2015 to May 2017; the director / principal consultant in GeoFokus Consulting from March 2011; the senior financial analyst in AMEC Mining and Metals Consulting, Vancouver from April 2010 to February 2011 and the director / principal consultant in Auric Consulting from April 2000 to March 2010.